Come visit me in tiruvannamalai 


     Tiruvannamalai in SE India has been a spiritual destination for thousands of years.  Why? The answer is simple.  Arunchala MountainArunchala is a spiritual vortex of transformation.  It is known as a Shiva Fire Mountain.  The amount of transformation that happens here in matter of days is remarkable.  Old patterns surface and fall away quickly. If you are ready for a new start in life, this may be your ticket.


     I moved here from Sedona, AZ in May 2016.  I have been so moved and inspired by my transformation and the hundreds of westerners living here, I started a tour company, Break Free In India.


     We are having a 10 Day Tour from October 30th to November 8th.   There will also be a second tour in December. Please check out the website shown below.  Contact me with any questions.  There is a team here in Tiruvannamalai ready to make sure your trip is safe, well planned and fun.  Imagine fun and life changing transformation all in one package.


     I just checked and airline fares range from $881 to $1,000 round trip from LAX to MAA (Chennai, India).  On the Break Free In India website there is a Google map of exactly where we are.  Also, there are over 40 photos and videos on the Break Free In India website.


     The cost of the 10 Day Tour Package is $2,800 and includes airport pick up/return, meals, accommodations, a day trip to the ocean, a massage a day (optional, but highly recommended), Ayurvedic treatments and guided local tours. 


    Also, Tiruvannamalai, is the home of one of the greatest sages in India’s history - Sri Ramana Maharshi


     An additional $200 for gifts and miscellaneous expenses should plenty.



Jay O Wilder
Break Free In India
Indian Mobile: + 91 7708288499
"Heartfelt Service
Is The Greatest Joy"
USA Office: Sedona, Arizona
● USA - Phone: 928-852-0087
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● Skype: jay.o.wilder



…... Most people spend the best years of heir lives in the place of the known. They lack the courage to venture out into foreign territory and are frightened to leave the crowd.

     They want to fit in and are afraid to stand out. They dress like everyone else, think like everyone else and behave like everyone else, even if doing so doesn’t feel right to them. They are reluctant to listen to the call of their hearts and try new things, refusing to leave that shore of safety.

     So they do what everybody else does. In so doing, their once-shinning souls begin to darken and wrinkle. “Death is only of many ways to lose life,” said adventurer Alvah Smion -

              from the book

      "Discover YourDestiny" 


            Robin Sharma 


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