Videos of tiruvannamalai, interviews on transfromation, link to the full movie, "eat pray love" and short videos on incrediable india 

Locally produced video

A Day in Tiruvannamalai 

Producer: Aravind -The Time Lapse Guy 

Five minutes long and very beautifully done.

It took eight months to do all of the video shoots and edititing.  




Interviews with Mike McGinnis visiting Triuvannamalai for



Provides insights into the transformational process and

why so many people, from all over the world, travel 

to Tiruvannamalai for a "Spiritual Vacation".


Jay Wilder interviews Mike McGinnis #1  ( 9 minutes )


Jay Wilder interviews Mike McGinnis #2   ( 9 minutes )


To get the full flavor of why people travel to India for a spiritual

transformation watch the  movie, "Eat Pray Love".


Eat Pray Love 2010 - Julia Roberts, Javier Bardem, James Franco


This video clip is short.... 2:49 minutes and very entertaining.

10 Things Indians Do Better Than Americans


"India in a Day" - India's first crowd funded full feature movie.

One minute long.







…... Most people spend the best years of heir lives in the place of the known. They lack the courage to venture out into foreign territory and are frightened to leave the crowd.

     They want to fit in and are afraid to stand out. They dress like everyone else, think like everyone else and behave like everyone else, even if doing so doesn’t feel right to them. They are reluctant to listen to the call of their hearts and try new things, refusing to leave that shore of safety.

     So they do what everybody else does. In so doing, their once-shinning souls begin to darken and wrinkle. “Death is only of many ways to lose life,” said adventurer Alvah Smion -

              from the book

      "Discover YourDestiny" 


            Robin Sharma 


For more information, please  check out these links about Tiruvannamalai.